Science Happens Where?

Science Happens Here, in Camp Verde!

October 7th - November 15th

Ready? Set? Play! Starting today, 3-5th grade students at Camp Verde Unified School District will be exploring town to collect the 5 Science Happens Here playing cards hidden in the community.

Each card talks about different Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, or Math activities happening right here in the Verde Valley and feature simple experiments to continue the learning at home! Students are competing against the other classes in the district to try to collect the most cards. At the end of the game (November 15th) the classroom with the most collected cards wins a visit from the Arizona Science Center!

Psst... Here’s where the cards are hiding:

CV_Community Library.png

CV Community Library

130 Black Bridge Lp Rd

Have you seen the new Water|Ways exhibit at the library? Check it out to learn about the different water sources in Arizona and how we can protect them. Your Science Happens Here card will teach you how to make your very own water cycle using recycled materials at home!


WhistleStop Screen Print Shop

873 Howards Rd, #21

This family-owned screen print shop is excited to show you around! Check out the cool machines they use to print graphic designs on different types of clothes. Your Science Happens Here will show you how to do sharpie tie dye at home. Groovy!

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 7.21.06 AM.png

Marshal’s Office

646 S 1st St

Meet our local officers! Their Science Happens Here card shows you how to make dancing oobleck using sound waves! Ever played with oobleck before? It’s a crazy material made from water and cornstarch that acts as a solid when use force and a liquid when touched gently.

CV_Archaeology Center.png

VV Archaeology Center

385 S Main St

This beautiful museum on Main Street preserves ancient artifacts from the Yavapai-Apache Nation. Check out their rotating exhibits to learn about the original settlers of Camp Verde! Then, practice extracting natural pigments from flowers and leaves with their Science Happens Here card.

CV_Thanks A Latte.png

Thanks A Latte

348 S Main St

The best carrot cake in town! Thanks A Latte is a community hub disguised as a coffee shop. Check out the local art, delicious food, and rotating calendar of events! Their Science Happens Here card will show you how to make a rainbow in a jar, using ratios and liquids of different densities.

Ready? Set? Play!

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More about Science Happens Here

The Arizona Rural Development Council partners with the Arizona SciTech Institute to provide an avenue for the local businesses community to collaborate with the school system. Science Happens Here bridges the gap between formal and informal learning environments by showcasing the breadth of STEAM-related activities happening outside the classroom on a daily basis.

“Science Happens Here is Sneaky Science at its best,” said Jeremy Babendure, Executive Director of the Arizona SciTech Institute. “It not only showcases to the public how STEAM happens all around us but also empowers business and community leaders to become communicators of science.”

Science Happens Here is made possible by the continued support of the Rural Activation and Innovation Network (RAIN).

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