Science Happens Here is a scavenger hunt card game that encourages students to discover the breadth of STEM-related activities happening daily in their local community. Local First Arizona and the Arizona SciTech Festival are presenting Science Happens Here to help advance STEM education in rural Arizona. Our hope is that parents will encourage their children to explore science and to have fun conducting simple experiments at home. This is a fun, safe and economical way to teach kids about the Science that surrounds them every day!


I Found a Card!

Congratulations! The more cards you find, the more points your class will get and as you know, the class with the most points wins a visit from the Arizona Science Center! Click below to enter your secret code and get a point for your class!


I Want to Find a Card!

We are so excited you’re playing and would be happy to help! Not only does the class with the most points win, but so does the student! There are (5) cards hidden in local businesses in your community! Click below to see where you can find more cards!

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