Solutions for Rural Development Webinar Series

The Solutions for Rural Development monthly webinar series is brought to you by the Arizona Rural Development Council (AZRDC) and Local First Arizona Foundation (LFAF). These monthly webinars are based around rotating topics that address various issues and solutions surrounding the development process, specifically in rural areas.  

These webinars are filled with valuable information and actionable tips that you can implement into your own community and business practices, please register to join us!


july 18, 2018
Culture & History as an Economic Driver

History and culture are two of the many aspects that make living in small-town Arizona so wonderful. Residents can enjoy the magic of Route 66 or the ruins of ancient civilizations right in their backyards. This history that contributes to making our homes so special can be leveraged in healthy ways as an economic driver. Join us, this month, as we learn about organizations and places across the state that use their historic assets to generate revenue for the community and educate on the past. 

From this webinar you will learn:

  • Strategies to affordably implement heritage tourism attractions in your community
  • How to navigate appropriately showcasing culture and history
  • The economic and community benefits of heritage tourism

June 27, 2018
Strengthen Everything You Write

Marketing and advertising are more than being able to know the ins and outs of social media, knowing how to capture your audience with the right message is the key. Whether you are a business owner, board member, or event planner it is critical to never forget how important writing is for gathering buy-in of your products or ideas. Join us this month as we learn key tips on how to strengthen our written communication for optimum success.

From this webinar you will learn:

  • How to set writing objectives
  • How to match words to meaning 
  • The steps needed to pursue a parallel path

May 30, 2018
Redecorating Your Community:
How to Fight Blight

Blight is an issue that rural communities are constantly faced with. From illegal dumping of waste and lack of recycling options to dealing with dilapidated buildings and contaminated sites, there's a lot to do to keep towns clean and healthy. In this webinar, we will hear from three individuals who have contributed in redecorating their community from tatters to treasures.

From this webinar you will learn:

  • Strategies to improve quality of life for your community
  • How to create a strong team to address issues of blight in your community
  • How to measure your success

April 25, 2018
Straight from the Source:
Solutions and Barriers to Engaging the Youth

Rural communities face unique and evolving challenges that, unless confronted, can be detrimental to the entire spectrum of opportunity for its residents. Specifically, when it comes to youth retention, rural communities are struggling with two major problems: 1. engaging youth with enticing opportunities and 2. retaining them post-secondary education. In this webinar, we will hear from a spectrum of panelists offering a high school, college, and young adult perspective. We will also hear from an active youth organizer who has several years of experience in working with younger populations. 

From this webinar you will learn: 

  • Ideas to actively engage youth to participate in local events
  • How to better establish communication between youth mentors and the youth
  • What resources and tools are needed to better support young adults in rural communities

March 28, 2018
Food For Thought: Addressing Food Insecurity and Supporting Our Local Farmers

Solutions to address food insecurity are unique for every rural community, though we can learn from the creativity implemented by others across Arizona. This webinar will help you consider how to leverage your community's resources and utilize your role to increase access to healthy local foods and support your hometown farmers. 

From this webinar you will learn: 

  • How elected official can help drive forward policy and projects to improve food access and support small scale farmers and food artisans
  • What various types of collaborative opportunities have been done from local businesses and non-profits from around the state to address food insecurity and raise funds for supporting small scale farmers
  • How to maximize and expand federal dollars to reach rural farmers markets and independent grocers

February 28, 2018
How to Avoid Burnout and Help Others Succeed

Being part of the STP (Same Ten People) in your hometown can be taxing. You serve on multiple committees, Volunteer and work in addition to running a household. While you enjoy being involved in your community, inevitably, you start to burn out. While time management tools can help keep us organized, what keeps us motivated and engaged? Join us to learn what successful people are doing to avoid burnout and find the ever elusive "balance" in life.

If you are telling yourself there is not time for this webinar, that is the affirmation that you need this more than anyone! Please join us!

From this webinar you will learn: 

  • How personality types tie directly into success or burnout
  • How to regain your free-time and find more enjoyment in your commitments
  • How to make yourself a better leader and engage your paid or unpaid workforce

January 24, 2018
Leveraging Your Localness

This webinar will be led by Kimber Lanning, founder of Local First Arizona. Combining her experience as a small business owner and founder of the nation's largest local business coalition, Kimber will help you find new ways to position your business in these quickly changing times. 

From this webinar you will learn: 

  • Telling your story better to win new customers
  • Developing effective marketing language that identifies your unique position in the market
  • Creative ways to collaborate with other local entities