Outdoor Sports & Recreation

There are few places that showcase as diverse a natural environment as Greenlee County, Arizona. If you are planning your next outdoor adventure, Greenlee has miles of on and off-road trails that take you from the low lying desert, all the way up to the thick forest pines.


the coronado trail

Formerly known as Route 666: The Devil’s Highway, The Coronado Trail connecting Clifton to Alpine is one of the great roadways in the nation. The spectacular trek retraces the journey of the Spanish Conquistadors of the 1500s, offering breathtaking scenery, curves, vistas and wildlife.


Black Hills Backcountry National Scenic Byway

Better known to locals as Old Safford Road, this adventurous route boasts spectacular vista views of the Gila and San Francisco River Valleys. Along the Byway are many opportunities for camping, bird watching, fishing, mountain biking, hiking and access points for river floating. After a good rain, the hills radiate in gold poppies. Access from The Coronado Trail at MP 160.

Morenci Recreation Center (Town of Morenci's Website).jpg

morenci recreation center

The Morenci Recreation Center serves as a hub of many of the activities offered in the Greenlee area through Parks and Recreation, as well as other clubs and interests. The center houses a fitness center, indoor water park, kid care facility and rock climbing wall.

Gila River Birding and Wildlife Trail (Business' Facebook).jpg

gila river birding & wildlife center

This is a one-mile walking loop located in Duncan on the east side of Main Street before heading north across the Duncan Bridge, allowing one to easily catch a glimpse of Sandhill Crane or any one of over 300 species of birds that visit Greenlee County. November is the best time of year to see everything from great horned owls and bald eagles to northern cardinals and great blue herons.


splash pad

The Clifton Splash Pad is a new, fun outdoor experience for the whole family. Open from May to September, the splash pad contains something for everyone to stay cool.  


sandra day o’connor walkway park

In honor of the Lazy B Rancher’s daughter, Sandra Day O’Connor, who grew up in the Duncan Valley to become the first woman judge to take a seat on the US Supreme Court. Part of the beautification efforts put forth by the dedicated volunteers of Duncan Pride Society, this park is an easily enjoyed walking/jogging path, and a site to behold while traveling eastbound on Old West Highway US 70.


spezia square park

Once the site of the Freiheit Building in Duncan, built around 1913, Spezia Square Park now sits as a photographer’s dream. With a traditional white gazebo, antique clock, tree lined grassy surroundings, picnic tables, brick flower beds, and wonderfully designed old western facade backdrop with planked boardwalk, Spezia Square Park is the perfect place for a family picnic during your stay.

Greenlee County Fairgrounds (Business' Website).jpg

greenlee county fairgrounds

A year-round source of recreation featuring a rodeo arena, boarding stables and mud drag race track. Board and exercise your horses during a stay in nearby Duncan, gear them up for one of our small town country parades or a ride on one of our many trails found throughout Greenlee County.


fishing, hiking & camping

All along the Coronado Trail, a visiting outdoor enthusiast can explore a plethora of trails, parks and rec areas offering fishing, hiking, hunting and camping. Check out Granville and Blue Recreation Areas, along with Strayhorse, Eagle Creek, Hannagan Meadow and the Cold Creek area along Highway 78 from Three Way to Mule Creek.

Image Source: http://www.visitgrahamcounty.com/

Image Source: http://www.visitgrahamcounty.com/

round mountain blm rockhound area

Calling all fans of geography... Greenlee touts one of the nation’s largest rockhounding sites for the elusive Fire Agate -- nature’s pearl of the desert. Easily find fire agate, quartz crystal rose, geodes and many more specimens amongst a snow-like blanket field of chalcedony just waiting to be picked up off the ground. No need to dig within this rockhounders “field of dreams”!