Our work is changing systems and creating impact across the state. These reports outline just some of the successes we’ve been able to track through our work at the Local First Arizona Foundation. 

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Fuerza Reports

2018 Fuerza Local Business Accelerator Impact Report 

2017 Fuerza Local Business Accelerator Impact Report 

2016 Fuerza Local Business Accelerator Impact Report 

Fuerza Local is a six-month Business Accelerator program designed to teach underserved micro-entrepreneurs important basics for financial literacy and business development. 



2017 Food Reports

Food & Farm Forum

2017 Food & Farm Forum Report

The 2017 Food & Farm Finance Forum was the first event to be sanctioned by the Tucson City of Gastronomy Board as an event that helps galvanize food as a method of celebrating culture and providing the foundation for sustainable economic development.

Copper Communities Food Hub Feasibility Study

Copper Communities Food Hub Business Development Plan

This plan takes a place-based approach that will continue to assess the common variables among growers and value-added producers to facilitate the development of localized food production nodes and the development of an aggregation center to serve production nodes in the region.

Copper Communities Food Hub Toolkit

This Copper Communities Local Food Toolkit was assembled to serve as a tool for current and future food producers to increase production and access new markets, as well as for the general public to navigate how to access more healthy local foods with existing infrastructure.

Regional Seminars

Regional Seminar for Food Producers - Clarkdale, AZ

In Clarkdale, the Regional Food Producer’s Forum highlighted local conservation practices and opportunities for supply chain enhancement, and focus on helping vendors enter wholesale markets in preparation for the Farmer+Chef Connection later that Fall in the Verde Valley to directly establish new wholesale customers. 

Regional Seminar for Food Producers - Ajo, AZ

The Small Scale Arizona Food Producer’s Forum in Ajo provided the space for small-scale farmers and value-added producers to convene, acquire knowledge in growing and sourcing products locally, share best practices, and celebrate the productive community they’ve built

Regional Seminar for Food Producers - Young, AZ

The Farm to Bottle Workshops & Food Producer’s Forum brought unprecedented resources to the rural homesteaders and food producers of Young, Arizona. 

Rural Reports

2017 Rural Policy Forum Final Report

This report details the final outcomes of the Arizona Rural Policy Forum, an initiative of the Local First Arizona Foundation and the Arizona Rural Development Council, which was August 9th – 11th, 2017, in Safford/Thatcher, Arizona.

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