History, Heritage & Tradition

What was once an abandoned mining town has since attracted an influx of artistic free-thinkers to a place that inspires creativity and imagination. Now, the streets of Bisbee provide a unique intersection between the town’s bold history and modern expression. With narrow alleys lined by unique architecture, present-day Bisbee captures the town’s colorful and sometimes tragic history with its 3-dimensional accents and an extensive collection of murals painted on exterior walls, reinforcements and stairways. These artistic flourishes reflect the triumph of the Bisbee spirit over many threats to its growth and prosperity. 


the concrete "iron man" of bisbee

Standing nine feet tall and weighing over 2,000 pounds, this iconic figure towers over the Courthouse Plaza to forever symbolize the city’s turbulent mining history. The sculpture was created in 1935 by the WPA as a tribute to the miners who built the town.


bisbee ghosts

Old Bisbee Ghost Tour, Seance Room, Haunted Pub Crawl: Interested in the supernatural? Old spirits are thought to remain and are quite welcome to float around Bisbee, so to speak. It's said that many, old and young, still haunt the town and you can see photos and visit the places they have been spotted. 


bisbee mining & historical museum

Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum, a Smithsonian Museum affiliate. Located on Copper Queen Plaza, the Historical Museum is open daily. The Restoration Museum, up the hill on Main Street, contains three floors of artifacts from daily Bisbee life donated by actual Bisbee residents.


copper queen mine tour

Today, Bisbee is home to a thriving tourism industry, but the Copper Queen Mine Tour transports visitors back in time to where it all began. Experience what it was like to work 1,500 feet underground on this excellent one-hour mine tunnel tour, available seven days a week.



bisbee seance room

Enter magic Kenny Bang Bang's victorian parlor to get whisked back in time and learn about Bisbee’s haunted history. Visitors will meet some of the town’s most infamous ghosts in this one hour, theatrical seance. Is it merely a clever display of parlor tricks, or an encounter with the paranormal? You and your family can be the judge of that.