There is something about Globe, AZ. A glance at an Arizona map shows a literal vortex of highways and byways intersecting through Globe, indicative also of the cultural diversity and complex history that is interwoven through the fabric of the city. In a state where everyone is from somewhere else, Globe exemplifies pride in Arizona’s statehood with a memory that spans generations.

Globe has a rich history; one that embodies the true essence of all that is or once was Arizona. From mining to ranching and Mexican food to indigenous Apache artwork, the diversity of cultures can be seen in everything from Globe’s architecture to its world-renowned cuisine. Arizona’s character permeates through the Globe experience in every way. For the thousands of families that plan weekend getaways from the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas to Globe each year, the scenic drive that serves as a gateway into the City provides spectacular views of Arizona terrain. As you enter the City, the magnitude of mining’s importance to the area is immediately apparent in the tailings that provide an impressive community backdrop. Should you happen upon Globe during one of their signature annual events, you’re likely to be hanging out in Historic Downtown where the train tracks still resonate with sounds of what was once a booming economy, and the old Courthouse and Jailhouse tell stories in their own way of a remarkable past.

If an authentic Arizona experience is what you seek, Globe is Arizona to the core. Escape the heat and experience Globe’s cultural, historical and recreational treasures.


arts & culture

Evident from the numerous murals guiding drivers into town, the Globe-Maimi community fully embraces visual and performing arts whenever possible. From artist residencies to open mic nights, you are sure to discover a new artistic venture upon every stroll.




Situated in the picturesque Cobre Valley, Globe-Miami has become a destination for outdoor recreation and scenic views. With access to the Salt River Canyon, Tonto national park, diverse mountain ranges, and vivid night skies, the valley will keep you active no matter what the season.

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wine & dine

It’s highly recommended to bring a full appetite when traveling to Globe-Miami. With a history deeply rooted in Mexican, Slavik, and Native American culture, the restaurants, bars, and cafes of Cobre Valley embody authentically cultural and unique twists.


history, heritage & tradition

As Globe-Miami continues to develop into an artistic and entrepreneurial hub, the preservation and celebratory embrace of their rich history and culture can be found within every new venture.



Globe-Miami’s event calendar entices folks from all over the state, year round. Check it out what’s coming up next!


entrepreneurial Opportunities

Known for housing innovative ventures in historical structures, Globe-Miami’s downtown districts provide unique opportunities for those looking to set up shop.