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Roberto   Ahumada, Roberto's Auto Repairs

Roberto Ahumada, Roberto's Auto Repairs

invest in a LATINO entrepreneur

Auto repair runs through Roberto's blood. Just like his father, Roberto and his three brothers all specialize in the trade. Just by listening to a vehicle, Roberto can identify the model of the car, and what is wrong with it. Though Roberto is a gifted mechanic, after 26 years in the profession it was clear to him that his business was not advancing in the ways he desired. 

Roberto began looking for resources to help him excel, and that's when he found the Fuerza Local Business Accelerator. Through classes offered in marketing, management, and planning, Roberto was able to cultivate new ideas to increase the viability of his auto shop. Two years after graduation, Roberto now proudly employs both his wife and son in the family business. 

“After graduating from the Fuerza Local Business Accelerator, I now feel more secure about what I’m doing, more confident, and that my goals are clear to keep advancing. Thank you Local First Arizona Foundation.”

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