arts & culture

The Gila Valley community embraces its art culture through theater, festivals, and education. Locals with a love for creation and expression are quick to share their passion through classes, workshops, and mentorships.



Located between the mountains and the high desert plains,  the area has the widest variety of animal and bird life of any area in the United States. Safford welcomes you to explore its state park, mountain peak, campgrounds, and their state of the art observatory.


wine & dine

Birthplace of Arizona’s Salsa Trail, The Gila Valley offers a wide variety of authentic restaurants to please Mexican food enthusiasts. Or if you prefer a hearty steak, they’ve also got some of the area’s best steakhouses and saloons.

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history, heritage & tradition

The Gila Valley’s heritage is a culmination of its deeply-rooted in Native culture, vivacious Mexican influence, and agricultural lifestyle. Today, the community celebrates its tradition while simultaneously building on their initiatives to modernize old methods in a lense of economic and environmental innovation.