Entrepreneurial Opportunities

In recent months, there has been a lot of investment interest and actual commitment to the growth of the Superior community. Within a few years, community growth will be seen with the development of the mining industry which poses a variety of opportunities to capitalize on current and future community needs. The following businesses have been identified by Superior locals as opportunities that exist for those with an entrepreneurial spirit.



Like peanut butter and jelly, where there is outdoor recreation, there is a demand for craft brews. Recognizing the future growth of this community with a mining focus, Superior sits ready for an aspiring brewer to come in and make Superior brews.


hair & nail salon

The ladies of Superior would love to see a hair and nail salon, along with potential spa services to help take the edge off a long week. If you have honed your skills in cosmetology and are interested in taking an entrepreneurial leap, consider Superior for the next step in your career.


Coffee shop

The Superior community rises with the sun, but there are very few options for everyone to come together over a hot cup of Joe. The arrival of a coffee shop, cafe and/or roastery would absolutely fill a void in Superior’s restaurant landscape and is worth looking into as an aspiring entrepreneur.


dry cleaner

Imagine working in a professional role, with the closest access to a local dry cleaner being over an hour away. Superior residents have identified a key opportunity for a local dry cleaner/laundromat and would happily support this sort of business in the Superior community.