Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Globe is an untapped land with a variety of opportunities to see your entrepreneurial dreams thrive. With a growing population of families and businesses that support the mine, needs for commerce continue to expand. Not only can you start a successful business in Globe, you can also be a part of a collaborative and supportive business community that want to see you succeed.


Historical, Multi-use Space

Blue Mule is no more. The owners of this unusually beautiful building are looking for a new business to find a home there. There are beautifully restored rooms upstairs and a balcony overlooking a garden area, a large open space on the first floor, with a large garden setting in back. There is a separate office space, recently vacated by Resolution Copper, on the first floor. This would make a great event venue or a boutique hotel. The building is well over 100 years old, and is known as the McKevitt building.