Entrepreneurial Opportunities

The economy of a town like Camp Verde thrives only with the commitment and culture that small, locally-owned businesses can bring. If your dream has always been to open up shop in a town where you'll know your customers by name and where big, corporate box stores are not a threat, Camp Verde offers plenty of opportunities for your success. 


outdoor restaurant/bar

The sights and sounds of Camp Verde are truly breathtaking, and with moderate temperatures year-round locals and visitors alike are dying to be outside. Think outdoor grill, horseshoes, volleyball and cornhole paired with an icy beverage and a tasty meal. This type of destination is sure to be a hit in the Verde Valley!


urgent care

The outdoors can be an active but dangerous place and injuries do happen. When a medical incident occurs, access to Urgent Care in Camp Verde is scarce. Medical services overall would be significantly enhanced with the arrival of Urgent Care in Camp Verde.


legal services

There are many gaps in the legal services offering in Camp Verde. If you are a practicing attorney in any one of many specialties, Camp Verde may hold a multitude of opportunities for your legal practice.


marketing services

Camp Verde is an entrepreneurial and creative place where new business ideas are cropping up daily. Unfortunately, support services for business marketing are scarce. From graphic and web design to printing and small business consulting, Camp Verde business are crying out for help in the marketing arena.