Entrepreneurial Opportunities

If you are an entrepreneur that is willing to accept a little risk with significant rewards, Ajo provides a multitude of unique opportunities to stake your claim in the business community. The Historic Ajo Plaza sits ready and waiting with open spaces available and many services missing but needed for both locals and travelers to and from surrounding parks and Mexico. Options that have been identified within the Ajo community and would be expected to thrive include:

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 8.06.19 PM.png

restaurant or brewery

Located in the Historic Ajo Plaza, this 5,280 square foot space includes a separate bar, private meeting room and huge commercial kitchen. There is a spacious walk-in cooler and freezer adjacent to the kitchen. The main dining room looks out onto the picturesque plaza park and the arcade is perfect for outdoor seating.


Digital services

As Ajo's economy continues to grow, business resources for small business entrepreneurs grow in need as well. A company that could provide design, web and social media services to the Ajo business community would be welcomed and utilized.


outdoor recreation supply/bike repair shop

With so many options for outdoor recreation, Ajo locals and visitors alike are in constant need for a recreation supply/bike repair service nearby. Don't miss your opportunity to provide a necessary service to an audience that will be glad you're here!


call center/light manufacturing

Ajo boasts one of the lowest prices/sq ft on commercial property in the state. If you are considering options for locating/relocating your call center or light manufacturing company, be sure to inquire about the spaces avaialable in Ajo!