Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Cottonwood is community that prides itself on cultivation; Cultivation of its agricultural potential in wine and other homegrown foods, cultivation of its culture and community experience, and cultivation of a unique sense of place to visitors and residents alike. Many opportunities exist to contribute to this mission and help to grow this community, from its beating downtown heart to the pulse of its growing population. Entrepreneurial options that have been identified within the community and would be expected to thrive include:


children's services

A large area of opportunity exists in services that cater to youth development and activities for children. Day care services, a movie theater, sports leagues, a children’s theater or arts and craft activities could potentially thrive if introduced into the Cottonwood community.


outdoor recreation supply store

With the surrounding beauty of the outdoors and the activities it provides, an outdoor supply store with items like birding supplies, kayak supplies, camping and hiking supplies has the potential to service many of our locals and visitors to the area. 



Cottonwood’s strategic position in the Verde Valley community has made it a mecca for healthcare services for the area. If you have a  background in the healthcare or social work field, there is guaranteed to be an opportunity for you to grow your career in Cottonwood.


small tech start-ups

Cultivating small tech start-ups is a core opportunity identified in Cottonwood’s strategic plan. If you have an interest in small tech entrepreneurship, Cottonwood’s business-friendly environment, local talent and commitment to cultivating this type of business will help you get started on the right foot.