History, Heritage & Tradition 

Clarkdale is a planned community; originally constructed as a “company town” to support the families and workers of Jerome’s copper mine. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998, the town’s historic roots have not been lost on those who have since revived the community after the mine closed in 1953. Residents and businesses that populate the community today each do their part to pass along the historic memories of the early 1900’s.


clarkdale historical society & museum 

The Clarkdale Historical Society & Museum is dedicated to preserving Clarkdale’s heritage and spirit. Founded as the Clarkdale Heritage Center and located in the old town clinic, the Clarkdale Historical Society & Museum has preserved remarkable archives from throughout the town’s rich history. The Historical Society hosts free public tours of the Clark Memorial Clubhouse on the third Wednesday of each month in addition to the annual Bank Robbery Reenactment and Historic Home Tour event.   


Arizona copper art museum

What was once the Old Clarkdale High School is now one of the world’s most renowned collections of copper art and artifacts. The hallways and former classrooms house breathtaking displays of over 5,000 works of copper art and architecture - spanning from 3500 B.C. to present day. This treasure draws thousand of visitors to Clarkdale each year, and unlike most art museums, visitors are able to touch the artifacts and even invite their pets to walk with them among the hallways of history.


historic home tour 

Each year the Clarkdale Historical Society & Museum hosts an opportunity to step back in time to the days of company houses, built by the United Verde Copper Company between 1913 and 1930. Locals open up their historic homes and buildings and invite visitors on a guided experience of the town’s history.


bank robbery historic reenactment 

Perhaps the most famous historic legend of the town of Clarkdale is the infamous 1928 Bank Robbery. It is documented that a wild shootout occurred, but who really fired the fatal shot? Each year, during the Historic Building & Home Tour, local community members transition into characters of the past and reenact this significant historic event.