The Program 

We celebrate Arizona’s home-grown foods and farmers to build a healthier food system for our state, which increases local revenue while improving access to healthy foods. Local First Arizona Foundation supports farmers, food producers, and purveyors by providing tools and education through hosting annual events, fostering relationships across agencies and industries, and aggregating resources in the online hub Good Food Finder AZ.

Additionally, LFAF works to elevate the brand of Arizona-grown food products amongst the general public, and actively connects restaurants and retailers with the farming and food producing community to build local supply chains. 


Food & farm forum 

The Arizona Food and Farm Forum is an annual opportunity for those involved in and contributing to Arizona’s local food system to gather, network, learn, and develop new skill sets. 


Young Food Entrepreneurs

Jeff Malkoon shares the story of his family's arrival in Arizona and how he founded a business, PB Americano, to make the world a better place. 

Tamara Stanger shares her experience as a young woman growing up in a small mining town in Utah and how she found herself celebrating the desert through food and culinary excellence.