Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Casa Grande is turning heads across the country for entrepreneurial start-ups of all types. With its strategic positioning as a transportation hub between Arizona and California,  Casa Grande is ripe for growth and will require new businesses of all sizes to help with its facilitation. Entrepreneurial options that have been identified within the community and would be expected to thrive include:


Downtown Micro Brewery

This is an ideal central location in downtown Casa Grande surrounded by theater, arts, and retail businesses. Built in bar, walk in cooler and draft beer station. A new sprinkler system was recently installed. Vision and determination could make this an inviting destination/entertainment venue in a historic building. A Series 6 Liquor License is available.



A large area of opportunity exists in services that cater to enhancing the nightlife experience of Casa Grande. With a renewed effort to revitalize downtown, opportunities for restaurants and bars, dance halls and comedic/theatric venues abound. As the population grows, the demand for things to do at night will be expected to grow along with it.


transportation services

Although Casa Grande is not a large city, amenities tend to be spread out and difficult to attain for typical visitors. Transportation services like Uber and Lyft would thrive in an area where people want to get out and explore the city as a whole.