Visit the world’s newest International Dark Sky Community, located in the center of the state!

As you make the winding descent down a mountain pass on I-17, green pastures, quaint farms, and riparian corridors suddenly appear in the picturesque Verde Valley below. From here, Camp Verde looks and feels like a dream. In a small town where the alarm clock is often a boastful rooster or a colorful songbird, quiet peace defines the quality of life experienced by locals. From ancient, indigenous cliff dwellings to Main Street buildings that date to 1871, Camp Verde is defined by its people, both past and present, with a rich history marked each day by a final bugle call from Fort Verde State Historic Park.

When visiting, prepare for the outdoors and a slew of mom and pop restaurants with fresh ingredients from nearby farms. The Verde River and its tributaries coil through the community, providing a water source to pecan trees, corn crops, and vineyards as well as a recreation source for kayaking, fishing, and camping. Wildlife thrive in the temperate, four-season climate, including more than 300 bird species and an entire wildlife park—Out of Africa. Home to the Yavapai-Apache Nation, Camp Verde is an oasis in Arizona, where you can still sit back, smell fruit blossoms, and hear buzzing bees while chatting with neighbors on the front porch.


arts & culture

With over 1,000 rock art petroglyphs that date as far back as A.D. 1150, Camp Verde’s unique style is an intercultural fusion, forever intertwined with its archeological and wild west history. In today’s date and age, the vibrant live music scene and locally-crafted decor will surprise you while event performances and displays by the local Yavapai-Apache Nation take you back in time.

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Situated along the Verde River and home to national forests and monuments, Camp Verde offers a variety of sports and recreation activities for all types of outdoor enthusiasts! Come and spend the day kayaking on the water, hiking along one of the many picturesque trails, or camping under some of the best stargazing skies in Arizona.


wine & dine

Camp Verde prides itself on the wide variety of wining and dining options it provides, including two boutique wineries surrounded by vineyards. From bistros and breweries to gourmet Italian and even a hearty steakhouse, Camp Verde is sure to satisfy! 


history, heritage & tradition

With nearly 10,000 years of human habitation by a diverse group of cultures, Camp Verde has long established, historic roots that spread throughout the Valley. The Sinagua, the Yavapai, the Apache, Spanish soldiers, and other settlers have each carved out their place in Camp Verde’s history, leaving behind legacies to be explored by enthusiasts and visitors to this region.



The Verde Valley event calendar is always packed with unique entertainment options for visitors from all over the state. Make sure to check out Camp Verde's event calendar on your next trip to catch the latest festival, live music or outdoor event!


entrepreneurial Opportunities

The economy of a town like Camp Verde thrives only with the commitment and culture that small, locally-owned businesses can bring. If your dream has always been to open up shop in a town where you'll know your customers by name and where big, corporate box stores are not a threat, Camp Verde offers plenty of opportunities for your success.