As with all worthwhile treasures, Bisbee is a hidden gem tucked just beyond the point where you think you’ve gone too far as you approach Arizona’s southernmost border. In Bisbee, however, there’s no such thing as going too far; unless of course you live more than 70 steps up on one of Bisbee’s 350 historic staircases. Recently voted “Best Historic Small Town in America” by USA Today Readers and “Best Small Town in the West to Live” by Sunset Magazine, Bisbee is a unique place where the past collides with the present in a kaleidoscope of passion, art, color and kindness. 

As you stroll through Bisbee’s winding, narrow streets and alleys, the town’s historic role in mining resounds through remarkably preserved architecture, museums and the Queen Mine Tour. Beautifully landscaped parks, cultural activities like the Bisbee Farmers Market and Arizona’s oldest baseball park, along with unique events like the Bisbee Blues Festival, the Historic Home Tour, the Bisbee Stair Climb, Bisbee Pride, Mariachi Festival, Annual Chocolate Tasting, Altered Book Show, Sidepony Music Festival, Alice in Bisbeeland embody a community dedicated to acceptance and entertainment for locals and visitors alike.   

No matter your passion, Bisbee is sure to become one of them. Once you’ve discovered Bisbee, there will always be a place in your heart for this place like no other.


arts & culture

When the mine closed in 1974 and Bisbee’s population declined, a Bohemian movement brought many into what were vacant spaces in town, making them their own. With an anti-establishment attitude and creative soul, this group began the artistic and self-expressive lifestyle Old Bisbee retains today. The Arts and Culture District spans a 1 mile radius inside the Historical District and encompases the art, expression, and nightlife that “Keeps Bisbee Weird.”



Nestled in Cochise County’s Mule Mountains at an elevation of 5,350 ft., visitors are attracted to the milder summer climate of Bisbee’s mile-high elevation. Snow is not an uncommon sight in winter, although it doesn’t stay long. “Its Always Cooler in Bisbee, AZ”, so outdoor activities abound with hiking trails, mountain biking, and parks and the event schedule is packed with outdoor festivals and unique events.


wine & dine

Bisbee boasts a robust local food scene along with a Farmer’s market every Saturday year-round. Visitors are bound to enjoy something new as the town is without any national chains - offering a truly authentic Bisbee experience. 


history, heritage & tradition

What was once an abandoned mining town has since attracted an influx of artistic free-thinkers to a place that inspires creativity and imagination. Now, the streets of Bisbee provide a unique intersection between the town’s bold history and modern expression. With narrow alleys lined by unique architecture, present-day Bisbee captures the town’s colorful and sometimes tragic history with its 3-dimensional accents and an extensive collection of murals painted on exterior walls, reinforcements and stairways. These artistic flourishes reflect the triumph of the Bisbee spirit over many threats to its growth and prosperity. 



Bisbee has become known for organizing some of Arizona's most unique and well-attended events! From the Bisbee Blues Festival to the Bisbee Stair Climb, you'll want to stay in the loop on Bisbee's numerous festivals and events throughout the year