Only in Ajo will you find a place where the stark contrast of what once was collides so beautifully with what could be. In a town originally established solely to support the operations of the New Cornelia Mine - where segregation of the native Tohono O’odham, Mexican and Anglo workers was a daily reality - remnants of old buildings, divided communities and the whisper of resilience still stand. Ajo is a community where you immediately feel a sense of warmth, authenticity and peace; surrounded on all sides by thousands of acres of the Sonoran Desert, enveloped by endless stars in the nighttime sky.

Ajo is a community rich in resources, culture and creativity. In a climate where you would expect only cactus to thrive, indigenous crops have sprouted a flourishing sustainable agriculture movement. Old buildings of the past now dance under the vivid colors of stunning murals that encompass the convergence of Ajo’s ethnic diversity. The fully rehabilitated Curley School Artisan Apartments house artists from all over the world. The Sonoran Desert Inn & Conference Center blends heritage and spirit in a beautiful space for retreats, weddings or as the launchpad for a desert expedition. At the center of it all sits the historic Ajo Plaza: an expanse of lush green lawn, surrounded by Spanish Colonial Revival storefronts, and arched walkways covered by one continuous terra cotta roof. The Plaza serves as a gathering place for the community; where morning walks, coffee breaks, festivals and events bring cultures, families, friends and visitors together to enjoy and respect differences and similarities.

Ajo is a place where transformation happens. From dilapidated buildings to art, from desert dust to thriving crops, and from segregation to collaboration, Ajo continues to evolve. Only in Ajo will you find a community that embodies new life, growth, strength and peace with a humility and authenticity that honors the origins from which it arose.  


arts & culture

Ajo’s tri-cultural heritage has supplied endless inspiration to artists from around the world. With wonderful displays of public art, community art and an overall atmosphere of creativity, the Ajo community has become a melting pot for arts and culture.



Ajo has recently evolved into a haven for outdoor sports and recreation. With a limitless expanse of pristine Sonoran Desert on all sides, Ajo serves as a gateway for avid hikers, mountain bikers, bird watchers, environmentalists and star gazers. 


wine & dine

Ajo is a great place to grab a hearty meal. With restaurateurs that are dedicated to providing a memorable dining experience, you can be assured that Ajo’s food selection will not disappoint. From gourmet burgers to authentic Mexican food, Ajo offers a multitude of options to feed your appetite.

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history, heritage & tradition

Ajo sits at a tri-national intersection of peoples and cultures, where influences from the indigenous Tohono O’odham Nation, the Mexican state of Sonora and the Southwest borderlands of the United States are all readily apparent. And although mining is deeply rooted in the history and architecture of Ajo, the town continues to evolve into a community that is carving out its own identity while still respecting the traditions of its past.



If you get the opportunity to attend a festival or events in Ajo, be prepared for an experience of the senses. The community truly comes together to host some of the most diverse, educational and inspirational events in the state. Click below for a list of upcoming events. 


entrepreneurial Opportunities

If you are an entrepreneur that is willing to accept a little risk with significant rewards, Ajo provides a multitude of unique opportunities to stake your claim in the business community. The Historic Ajo Plaza sits ready and waiting with open spaces available and many services missing but needed for both locals and travelers to and from surrounding parks and Mexico.