Our vision is an Arizona economy that is sustainable, resilient, and celebratory of diverse cultures.

To achieve this vision, the Local First Arizona Foundation focuses on a wide range of strategic initiatives that target systems of inequity and build prosperity for all Arizonans. 


What We Do


Fuerza Local


Fuerza Local is a six-month Business Accelerator program designed to teach underserved Latino business owners the multiple facets of building a sustainable and prosperous future through entrepreneurship.       


Good Food Finder


We work to build healthy food systems by working directly with the producers and growers as well as by educating consumers about the importance of buying local foods and where to find them.                                                     

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AZ Rural Development Council


We grow Arizona’s small-town economies by working directly with businesses, leaders, and organizations within these communities to create unique solutions that result in widespread prosperity.

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fuerza local business accelerator           
Featured graduate: 

Migdalia Morales, Mig 'n Maids

The “American Dream” has countless meanings depending on the individual. For Migdalia Morales, it meant the opportunity to become her own boss, take care of her children, and create a legacy that she would be proud of. When Migdalia joined the Fuerza Local Business Accelerator program, she was an entrepreneur with a dream. Today, Migdalia employs a team of women and drives a professionally branded work truck. With the development of professional skills, Migdalia has become a go-to cleaning company in Anthem, a recognition she takes very seriously. “Fuerza Local helped give us the support to grow our business. In America, anything is possible no matter where you come from, no matter how limited your English. It doesn't stop me, we can achieve whatever we want.”        

discover small town az | ajo

Ajo is a community rich in resources, culture and creativity. In a climate where you would expect only cactus to thrive, indigenous crops have sprouted a flourishing sustainable agriculture movement. Old buildings of the past now dance under the vivid colors of stunning murals that encompass the convergence of Ajo’s ethnic diversity.

Ajo is a place where transformation happens. From dilapidated buildings to art, from desert dust to thriving crops, and from segregation to collaboration, Ajo continues to evolve. Only in Ajo will you find a community that embodies new life, growth, strength and peace with a humility and authenticity that honors the origins from which it arose.  


Join the Movement

Systems change isn't the result of top-down decisions – it's built by the resourcefulness and collaboration of local leaders, often innovating out of necessity. We know that those who are most deeply impacted by the inequities of our current economy have been creating solutions for decades in their own communities.

Your investment in Local First Arizona Foundation is an investment in those communities. Will you give back to your community today by helping us build opportunity in Arizona?


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